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The Southwest Wood Bat Classics strives to be  premier wood-bat tournament, leagues, and showcase events.
Top teams and players from all over the Southwest,  US, Mexico,  and Canada are invited to attend and players have the opportunity to show off their abilities and talents in a  world class environment.

"The Southwest Wood Bat Classic's are first class events.  Their events bring the best teams, organizations, and  talented players  to top rate facilities. The Southwest Wood Bat Classics are events pro and college teams will send a guy out to recruit and evaluate. The organization of the event, the fields, the talent level, and the complexes are top notch. Ryan and Therron, having worked at all levels of baseball, know how to put on premier events for all involved."
Area Scout
   MLB Team    



14u Spring Kick Off Invittational Feb 20-23

      14u Spring Kick-Off Classic Feb 20-22     
                  March 6-8  14u Spring Training Invitational     
March 16-20: Open Division (All Age Groups)

March 23-27: Open Division (All Age Groups)


Summer Kick-off Classic May 15-17
Desert Classic June 4-7
Cactus Classic June 18-21
Summer Nationals July 9-12



 2015 Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall

      December 4-7: Holiday Classic  @ Cubs Spring Training Complex
Jan 9-11: Winter Classic @ Mesa Facilities
Jan 16-19, 2015: MLK Classic at Papago Park
Jan 23-25, 2015: Preseason Classic @ Mesa Facilities

Feb 20-22: 14u Spring Kick-Off Classic @ Papago Park

March 13-15: 14u Spring Classic

March 16-20: Open Division (All Age Groups)

March 20-22: 14u Cactus League Classic

March 23-27: Open Division (All Age Groups)

March 27-29: 14u Spring Nationals

March 30-April 3: Open Division (All Age Groups)

May 15-17 Kick-off Classic
June 4-7: Desert Classic @ Cubs Spring Training Complex & Talking Stick
June 18-21: Cactus Classic @ Cubs Spring Training Complex & Talking Stick
July 9-12 Summer Nationals @ Papago Park @ Talking Stick
July 23-26: Telluride Mountain Classic
Sept. 4-7 Labor Day Classic @ Goodyear
Sept. 24-27 National Classic @ Goodyear & Riverview
Oct. 1-4 Fall Classic at Riverview, Red Mountain & Gene Autry
November 5-9 Fall Championships at Riverview, Red Mountain, Gene Autry
Dec. 3-6 Holiday Classic TBD

 Contact Us:
Ryan Dyer
Therron Brockish


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2013 Desert Classic UpperClass Championship
Huskies vs. Nutty Buddy

2014 MLK Clasic Championship
Pinnacle vs. Wildfire

2013 Desert Classic #2
Angels vs. Az Pro Brockish

RAIN OUT POLICY: IF TOURNAMENT SHORTENED OR CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER, THE FOLLOWING REFUND POLICY IS IN EFFECT: For any Event. No games: 100% refund 1st game Started: 50% refund 2nd game Started: 0% refund


2015 MLK Futures Championship                         2015 Preseason Classic Futures Championship Game
Aggies vs. Tempe United                                          Team Wilson vs. Az Future Stars
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